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15 Jun


[Re]visiting High Point

June 15, 2015 | By |

It was a lovely Friday afternoon when we peeled ourselves away from our desks and carpooled over to West Seattle for our first office field trip of the summer. The goal was to learn from a significant project in Nakano Associates history, the 120 acre High Point HOPE VI Redevelopment.

The visit proved to be as productive as it was fun. We got to observe first hand what is working and what could be done differently:

We got to chat with the Open Space Association maintenance crew.

Nakano Associates at High Point

High Point Open Space Association maintenance crew

We inspected every detail of an abundant rain garden at Neighborhood House.

Nakano Associates at High Point

Rain garden at Neighborhood House

We checked in on which plants are thriving.

Nakano Associates at High Point

Streetscape plantings

We appreciated the interpretive signage and public artwork that still look fresh. We noted different versions of what could have been built, and how the final design makes the most of available funding.

Nakano Associates at High Point

Interpretive signage and public artwork at Community Commons Park

We all agreed that the extensive number of trees that were preserved throughout High Point added a lot to the unique character of the neighborhood. The shade from these large trees was much appreciated on a hot day!

Nakano Associates at High Point

Large preserved tree

We noted additional improvements to the neighborhood. The West Seattle Bee Garden is a neat addition to the Market Garden.

Nakano Associates at High Point

West Seattle Bee Garden at the Market Garden

We even tried out the play equipment up the street at Myrtle Reservoir Park – an all ages playground!

Nakano Associates at Myrtle Reservoir Park

All-ages play equipment at Myrtle Reservoir Park

Checking in on our projects and noting the successes and opportunities for improvement is one of the ways we work to ensure success for the entire life-cycle of our projects.  We are constantly learning and incorporating those lessons into our work. You can learn more about our work on the High Point HOPE VI Redevelopment here.