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04 Apr


Design Your Downtown!

April 4, 2017 | By |

Issaquah’s historic downtown is the cultural and economic hub for this thriving community. Nakano Associates, in collaboration with Framework, is working with the City of Issaquah and its community to prepare a streetscape plan for the downtown core that will make it safer and more inviting for pedestrians, create better connections between destinations, and make the public space more useful as gathering space.

In order to come up with design solutions that will nurture and expand upon Issaquah’s best qualities, we went straight to the experts: the people who live there. We started out with an online survey and proceeded with a series of public meetings to articulate a vision for the downtown streetscape that will better serve the community. The final streetscape plan will include many upgrades to the downtown area including more street trees, seating, and pedestrian crosswalks.

We held the second of three public meetings on Saturday, February 4th in the Issaquah Community Center. Members of the community gave us passionate, insightful feedback on the two streetscape concepts we presented and illustrated their visions of what downtown could be in a coloring exercise.

After synthesizing the community’s ideas into a unified streetscape plan, we held one last public workshop in March to make sure our proposal captures the community’s needs and desires.  The final report will be presented to Issaquah City Council this month.