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Maintenance Manuals                                             

Nakano Associates provided added value to the King County Housing Authority (KCHA) Birch Creek redevelopment project and the Green River Homes renovation by offering and delivering an additional contract for a site-specific long-term maintenance program and manual based on our in-depth knowledge of this project and long track record of successful Housing Authority projects.

KCHA has made a substantial investment in the landscapes of these two facilities – approximately 52 million dollars in design and construction costs for Birch Creek and 11 million dollars for Green River Homes. Appropriate maintenance will be critical to ensuring this valuable asset is well maintained over the long run.

Each manual provides an interactive framework for effective landscape maintenance, with materials of value to management and for the maintenance staff. They are designed to be integrated into everyday work methods and organization, and to be readily updated as needed. The ring binder format offers the ability to update individual sections and add new material as needed.  Print calendars, landscape area and priority maps and laminated how-to sheets included in the binder are ready for daily use.  Working MS Excel spreadsheets and MS Word document files, extra resources, as well as a complete digital version, are provided on a CD.

Client: King County Housing Authority

Contributors: Urban Forestry Services, Hafs & Company