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Green River Homes                                             

While community residents were temporarily relocated, the King County Housing Authority (KCHA) renovated the 59 low-income single story rental units of Green River Homes and created a new community park on the 8.6 acre site. The park is a central community space that features a forested barbecue and picnic area and a variety of play areas for children.

Nakano Associates redesigned the landscapes for the units, streetscapes and park, all using colorful and hardy plant material and bringing forward lessons learned from previous projects for Housing Authorities.  A comprehensive sustainability plan included the preservation of mature trees on the site and focus on soil quality and maintenance practices for long term project success. The design emphasizes low-impact development strategies including drought-tolerant, non-toxic, and low-allergen planting.

Nakano Associates additionally offered and delivered a site-specific long-term maintenance program and manual based on our in-depth knowledge of this project and long track record of successful Housing Authority projects.

Auburn, Washington

Client: King County Housing Authority

Engineer: Synergy Engineering