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Paula Gilmour

Paula Gilmour

Paula Gilmour, PLA, ASLA, SITES AP, Senior Associate

Registered Landscape Architect, Washington, 2014, #1380

Specializing in Parks, Transportation, Urban Design, and Low Impact Development

Paula approaches every landscape architecture project through the critical lenses of design for public and community life, Low Impact Development, and ecological design. As a project manager she harnesses the strengths of interdisciplinary team members to find synergistic design solutions. She has contributed to a wide range of projects encompassing housing, parks, transportation, campuses, infrastructure and civic institutions. With a thorough knowledge of northwest native plant material and previous experience as an environmental scientist, Paula crafts natural stormwater management and ecosystem restoration solutions in the urban context. Her graduate research in neighborhood design and years of professional experience inform her understanding of designing public and community spaces. She can skillfully create 3D renderings and translate them into easily understandable presentation graphics. Paula brings to each project a dynamic combination of deeply grounded expertise and an inclusive approach.

As an artist Paula loves working with color, and the forms and textures of natural objects and clay. Travels have taken her to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Costa Rica, and the British Virgin Islands, where she attests to be some of the best snorkeling on the planet.