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Mt. Baker Village Apartments

Mt. Baker Village Apartments, located within 2 blocks of the Mount Baker Light Rail Station is the flagship property of Mt. Baker Housing, a community-based affordable housing organization.  Nakano Associates provided site design and landscape architectural services for three additions to existing apartment buildings and a new 5-story mixed-use building within the 9-building and 156-unit complex. The additions help densify affordable housing in this transit-oriented urban location while maintaining the Village’s lushly landscaped, tree-shaded community feel.

Nakano Associates worked with ARC Architects and the civil engineer to preserve many of the large existing trees in and around the property grounds. The entrances to the buildings with new additions were renovated to provide accessible routes with enhanced plantings and seating areas.  The three additions direct roof water to bio-retention planters that capture and treat rainwater in the new entrance areas.

The new mixed-use building includes a reinvigorated streetscape and incorporates bio-retention planters. Nakano Associates enlivened the resident mid-block entryway with plantings, seating, and lighting. At the building’s back entrance Nakano Associates designed a communal garden space with cultural inspiration from the diverse population of people who reside there.

Location: Seattle, Washington

Client: Mt. Baker Housing

Architect: ARC Architects