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Sunset Court                                             

Sunset Court is Renton Housing Authority’s newest 50 unit affordable housing community on 2 acres. Being surrounded by multifamily buildings, the layout of the landscape prioritizes user enjoyment, both passively and actively, with places to play, sit quietly, or gather and socialize. Paths and small gathering areas scattered throughout the landscape provide spaces for neighbors to meet informally and a central green can be viewed from kitchen windows providing safe play spaces. Natural play features were made of logs salvaged from the site.

At Sunset Court, the landscape design functionally integrates edible landscaping with other hardy ornamental choices reducing maintenance requirements while ensuring the space has year-round aesthetic interest. Different species of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and herbs are all utilized to provide a source of nutrition and enjoyment to the residents and raised garden beds provide individual units with space to garden.

Project meets the Evergreen Sustainable Development Standards. (ESDS)

Location: Renton, Washington

Client: Renton Housing Authority

Prime Consultant: Schemata Workshop