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JUMP! Playground                                             

Jefferson Universal Movement Playground

JUMP! Playground (Jefferson Universal Movement Playground) is the vision of a local community group to build the first accessible and inclusive playground in Jefferson County, Washington. Nakano Associates’ design is giving form to the group’s vision for the playground to be a new gathering place at HJ Caroll Park in Chimacum. The design is inspired by the Salish Sea, complete with an orca and a giant climbable sculpture of sea urchin larvae by local artist Rebecca Welti.

The easily accessible sea snail-shaped central plaza will act as a gathering space for multigenerational families, caregivers, and friends. From this comfortable seating area adults can keep loose watch over older children playing sports on the nearby courts and fields. Carefully selected play equipment offers a variety of challenging and fun motor and multi-sensory experiences for children of all abilities. Musical instruments, tiny islands, a look-out mound, a rock climbing area, and plenty of open space encourage imaginative fun for children of all ages and abilities. Nakano Associates is working closely with the JUMP! board to make sure all the members’ knowledge and experience is reflected in the design. We helped facilitate a community workshop at the local FinnRiver Farm and Cidery to collect broader community input and provided support for the pursuit of an RCO Grant to fund construction of the playground.

Location: Chimacum, WA

Client: Jefferson County

Prime: Nakano Associates