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Cloney Park Inclusive Playground

Cloney Park Inclusive Playground is a one acre site poised to become the premier accessible playground for the City of Longview and surrounding area. Longview, where the Cowlitz River meets the Columbia, is traditional Cowlitz Tribal territory. The Cowlitz were heavily involved in regional trade; connecting the Puget Sound Salish to interior tribes with their freight river canoes and the Cowlitz Trail, which later became part of the Pacific Highway. The city of Longview was founded as an industry town in 1924, supporting two lumber mills.

Cloney Park Inclusive Playground draws from this local heritage by incorporating Cowlitz and lumber industry inspired play elements. A Cowlitz inspired canoe and shelter welcomes visitors to the site while adjacent log boom and log piles provide rope, swing and climbing play. Mounds inspired by paper mill wood chip piles offer opportunity for discovery and repose. A large sculptural table saw, log stacks and stumps and stump forts provide additional opportunity for play. A boulder and sand play area surround a runnel which leads to a large log-hop mound with water pump. A children’s accessible path leads to the top and spirals over to an additional forested mound with sphere sculpture atop. All play elements offer wheeled access either on, in, below or through.

Location: Longview, WA

Client: City of Longview