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Roxanne Glick

Roxanne Glick

Roxanne Glick, Landscape Designer

Roxanne has a life-long interest in understanding how cities have come to be the way they are. As a designer she is passionate about contributing to the ongoing re-making of our environment. Working as the marketing coordinator at Nakano Associates in 2014 and 2015 confirmed her interest this field. Now equipped with a Masters of Landscape Architecture and Certificate in Urban Design from the University of Washington, she brings her analytical skills and enthusiasm back to the Nakano Associates team.

Roxanne’s concern for social justice, sustainability, and climate justice drives her work. Roxanne wrote her master’s thesis on design that supports community-owned housing. This work took her to Denmark on a research scholarship doing fieldwork with intentional communities. As an outdoorsy Seattleite, her landscape design work builds on her love of Northwest ecosystems as well as her construction experience.

In her free time you Roxanne enjoys playing folk music and working in her garden.