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Roxanne Glick

Roxanne Glick

Roxanne Glick, Landscape Designer

Roxanne is passionate about designing places that enable community wellbeing and help restore the environment. Roxanne contributes to project teams with her perceptive analysis, clear communication, precise writing, and strong graphic abilities. Her graphic work bridges the spectrum of CAD technologies and illustrative drawings, making every deliverable elegant and understandable. Coming from a previous career in marketing, Roxanne is especially attune to using graphics to speak to their intended audience, whether a design review board or a grant application panel.

Roxanne has a life-long interest in understanding how cities have come to be the way they are. She draws inspiration for design from digging into a project’s deep context. Her thorough approach to systems analysis adds value to projects in the realms of project efficiency, resiliency, and social justice. For example, Roxanne’s master’s thesis proposes a toolkit for how urban design can support community-owned housing. Roxanne also has a focus on green stormwater infrastructure. She worked installing rain gardens and as a teaching assistant for the relevant course at UW, with the goal of improving the waters of Puget Sound and beyond.

Roxanne is currently furthering her understanding of affordable housing in the Leadership Development Survey Course with the Housing Development Consortium. She is additionally engaged in cohousing and cooperative housing grassroots movements in Seattle. In her free time Roxanne enjoys playing folk music and working in her garden.